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The Chinese New Year came and went on 31 January with much fanfare and celebrations accompanying it. The Year of the Horse replaced the Year of the Snake and to celebrate this auspicious occasion, The Royal Mint elected to mint a special commemorative silver £2 coin.

London, UK (PRWEB UK) 14 April 2014

gI 122004 horse2014 Hallmark Coins investigates why mules are so special to numismatists the world over

Nothing special about that really, although in this instance, in a bizarre twist of fate and with a large degree of irony, 17,000 ‘Year of the Horse’ coins ended up becoming mules.

Making them incredible collectors pieces for astute numismatists who have been able to spot the difference between the mule and their intended counterparts.

In numismatic circles, a “mule” is a coin or medal minted with obverse and reverse designs not normally seen on the same piece. These can be intentional or produced by error. This type of error is highly sought after, and examples can fetch steep prices from collectors.

In this instance numismatists may have struck the jackpot, as there have been not one but two errors when it came to the minting of the Britannia silver bullion £2 coins and the Year of the Horse silver bullion £2 coins.

Approximately 17,000 examples of the 2014 Britannia 1-ounce silver £2 coins were struck with an obverse die intended for the Royal Mint’s inaugural Lunar bullion issue, celebrating the Year of the Horse in 2014. In addition, an estimated 38,000 examples of the Year of the Horse 1-ounce silver £2 coin were struck with an obverse die intended for the Britannia £2 coin. A slight mix up but one that means coin collectors will be scrambling to get their hands on one of these two rare coins, now made even rarer.

Elliot Basker, Online Business Manager, Hallmark Coins, said, “This is not the first mule that we have seen produced and it certainly won’t be the last. Whether intentional or not, human error can often lead to a great windfall for those numismatists out there lucky enough to get their hands on one of these extremely rare coins.

“It is one of the few times in business where a mistake can lead to profit and not a loss. For those investors or collectors out there looking to buy or sell one of these special silver £2 coins, we recommend that you keep your eyes on the Hallmark Coins website or make use of ourfree coin valuation service.”

On standard examples of the Year of the Horse coin, no dentils are found about the rim; the standard Britannia coin has dentils. All Britannia coins are supposed to have dentils inside the rim on both sides of the coin, while both sides of the Year of the Horse coins are designed without dentils.

The Royal Mint confirmed the existence of both error coins, though an official did not specifically refer to either piece as a “mule.” Calling the dentils “edge decoration,” Jenny Manders, a spokesperson for the Royal Mint, released a statement noting that, “Some of our recent bullion customers may have noticed a slight change in the design of the edge decoration of our UK 2014 £2 Britannia bullion coin, and the UK 2014 £2 Lunar bullion coin. The quality and value of the coins remains the same.”

There as of yet have not been any confirmed sales of either mule coin, although several of the Britannia design with the improper obverse are currently offered at online auction site eBay.com and the United Kingdom platform, eBay.co.uk. Buy it now prices ranged from about £350 to £415.

That said, both 2014 coins are .999 fine silver, matching the new fineness adopted for Britannia bullion coins in 2012. Diameters, weights and other specifications are the same. So keep your eyes peeled for them.


StudioLiveTV Presents Silver Age Yoga Online Classes


Silver Age Yoga brings a gentle yoga practice to seniors who may have thought that they are not the ideal candidate for the practic

gI 68989 Silver Age ogo StudioLiveTV Presents Silver Age Yoga Online Classes San Diego, CA (PRWEB) May 02, 2014

Silver Age Yoga offers health-enhancing, life-enriching yoga to underserved seniors. Understanding that seniors have unique health challenges, they provide a unique style of yoga based on geriatric science and research which was created to meet those challenges.

Silver Age Yoga is designed to reach the entire bell curve of the senior population so that all seniors from beginner to advanced can safely participate at their own level of comfort.

In addition to earning substantial recognition and various awards since its inception, a recent study by UC San Diego researchers using the Silver Age Yogaprotocol found that seniors who participate in weekly yoga classes experience major health benefits including:

  • Significant pain reduction
  • Reduced fatigue – Increased mobility and physical function
  • Significant improvement in symptoms of depression

StudioLiveTV is proud to present the entire series of Yoga for Seniors consisting of five classes. Each class is approximately 20 to 25 minutes long and includes the following: a short meditation; warm-ups done seated in a chair followed by seated poses in a chair; standing poses to stretch and strengthen using a chair for support and balance; floor exercises done seated or lying on the floor to increase flexibility; and a guided relaxation. The use of the complete program is an ideal introduction to Yoga for anyone of any age who has not practiced Yoga before and is especially suitable for seniors (55 and over) who want a safe program for reducing stress and increasing flexibility.

With their 501c3 status as a non-profit organization, Silver Age Yoga funds the Silver Age Yoga Community Outreach Program (SAYCO). SAYCO was created to provide yoga to seniors who would not otherwise be able to access or afford it. This program offers seniors access to free or low-cost yoga instruction by Silver Age-certified instructors. Silver Age Yoga profits received from their StudioLiveTV partnership will continue to fund this program.

To register for an account with StudioLiveTV, click here.

Looking for a perfect Mother’s Day gift? Share this unique health-enhancing, life-enriching yoga with friends and family. Go to the “buy now” tab on the site and click the GIFT OPTION. StudioLiveTV will do the rest.

Receive 50% off a One-Month Subscription purchased between May 7 and May 14th by using the discount code: happymom.

About StudioLiveTV: StudioLiveTV brings a variety of classes and workshops online, to access anytime, anywhere. Yoga teachers, wellness experts, or a studio owner/managers; contact StudioLiveTV for information about the different programs offered and how it is an easy way to create added income.


Urban Cyclists are turning to online bike shops this summer for wider selections of urban city bikes, lower prices and are enjoying the shopping experience without having to haggle with a salesperson. Sites like Bikesdirect.com are fully stocked for 2014 and are making it so easy to buy online with geometry and height charts for each bike, free shipping and no sales tax; internet savvy urban cyclists say their purchase was a no brainer.

Dallas, TX (PRWEB) June 19, 2014

gI 85573 city bikes3 Urban Cyclists Turn to Online Shops for City Bikes This Summer

Urban Cyclists are turning to online bike shops this summer for wider selections of urban city bikes and much lower prices than their local bike shops can offer. Sites like Bikesdirect.com are fully stocked for the summer and customers are scooping up all types of urban city bikes and hybrids to enjoy while the weather is warm. Customers on bizrate.com have cited the ability to shop without having to haggle with a salesperson was a major draw as well.

Most consumers are comfortable with buying pretty much anything online and that includes bicycles. With geometry and height charts for each bike, free shipping and no sales tax for the majority of the U.S., sites like Bikesdirect.com have become appealing to consumers of all ages.

Internet savvy urban cyclists especially are flocking to the web to scoop up the latest city bikes that their local bike shops just don’t have the ability to offer at such low prices. Urban cyclists are concerned with saving money, their health and the environment and are certainly familiar with shopping online. Other bizrate.com reviewers say their purchase online was a no brainer. Shopping from one’s couch is more appealing to this generation it seems. Choosing a size based on the height charts in the listings is very easy and the site can then ship the bike right to the customer’s front door for free. All of this without having to talk prices and warranty with a salesman. All of the specifications, reviews and photos can be found online with the click of a your mouse.

Urban cyclists, as concerned as they are with spending their money wisely, have learned that setting up their bike and making adjustments is actually much easier to do than professionals make it out to be. Ordering online, setting up the new bike in a living room or garage and getting out on the road the following morning is just that easy. WithYouTube videos on bike setup and adjustment, riders are deciding to teach themselves how to do it. This way, while out on the road, a rider can fix their flat without panicking or having to walk to work.

So if purchasing a new bicycle is on the brain, online bike shops are proving to be less intimidating than most once thought. Customers are very surprised at how easy it is to find, purchase and assemble their new city bicycle just by watching a few YouTube videos. Not only will one feel empowered with their new-found mechanical skills but they will no doubt have the best summer yet while riding around town with friends on a sweet new set of wheels.


Polar Heart Rate Monitors At Wholesale Prices At HRWC

Polar Heart Rate Monitors Are Being Sold At Wholesale Prices, Over 40% Off, For a Limited Time Only At The Heart Rate Watch Company.

Bozeman, MT (PRWEB) June 18, 2014

gI 122709 ft7 blulila topleft 340x395 0 Polar Heart Rate Monitors At Wholesale Prices At HRWC

Polar heart rate monitors are on sale at wholesale pricing for a limited time only at the Heart Rate Watch Company.

“This is the best deal you will find anywhere on a Polar heart rate monitor because they are priced at wholesale,” says Rusty Squire, President of the Heart Rate Watch Company. He adds, “These are brand new monitors, plus the shipping is complimentary and there is no sales tax, so you can’t beat these prices anywhere else.”

“I can’t stress enough how important it is to move fast because once these deals are gone, the sale is over and supplies are limited,” says Squire. He adds, “This eliminates the stress of shopping around because you won’t find better pricing anywhere.”


“We have all the Polar FT series watches, the FT1, FT2, FT4, FT7, FT60 and Polar FT80 all at 40% off,” says Squire. He adds, “We also have the Polar RCX3, RCX5 and RC3 at 40% off as well.”

“The only watch we exempted from the sale is the newPolar V800 because it is a hot seller, new and price regulated,” says Squire. He adds, “Other than that every Polar heart rate monitor, strap, accessory or sensor is on sale at wholesale, so you don’t want to miss it.”

Complimentary Shipping, No Sales Tax

“You’ll also receive complimentary two day shipping via US Postal Priority mail so you’ll get your item fast because it ships the same day you order it,” says Squire. He adds, “We also don’t charge you sales tax, so you won’t be able to beat these prices anywhere.”

Limited Time Offer

“We’ve got a good supply of the watches now but when they run out then the sale is over,” says Squire. He adds, “Judging by the initial response these items have been flying out the door, so you’ll have to act fast to get in on these deals.”

Talk To The Experts

“If you’d like some expert advice on which monitor is right for you than simply call our national toll-free line at 866-586-7129,” says Squire. He adds, “We think you’ll appreciate talking with folks that actually test and use the products they sell.


Building off the success of its award winning 94Fifty Smart Sensor Basketball, the company has advanced its digital sports technology platform beyond the smartphone and tablet. This is the first team-sport application for Google Glass that communicates with an object that enters free-flight.

Dublin, OH (PRWEB) June 17, 2014

gI 77378 94F P000 iOS InfoMotion Sports Technologies Releases 94Fifty Smart Sensor Basketball Glassware

nfoMotion Sports Technologies (http://www.infomotionsports.com) announced today the availability of the 94Fifty Smart Sensor Basketball Glassware.

Building off the success of its award winning 94Fifty Smart Sensor Basketball, the company has advanced its digital sports technology platform beyond the smartphone and tablet. This is the first team-sport application for Google Glass that communicates with an object that enters free-flight.

“The addition of Glass as a medium to receive and immediately report shooting results combined with the 94Fifty Smart Sensor Basketball allows a hands-free training experience for players at all levels,” said Michael Crowley, CEO of InfoMotion Sports Technologies. “We continue to bring athletes the smartest and most advanced sports products that measure both the quantity and quality of muscle memory skills for high-participation team sports such as basketball and soccer.”

94Fifty Smart Sensor Basketball uses its patented point-of-force technology to help athletes more rapidly develop muscle-memory. The basketball measures key motor skills, learns the strengths and weaknesses of players at any level, and adapts as the player improves. While wearing Glass, basketball players receive visual and audio shot feedback in real time for skills including shot arc, shot release speed and backspin. With a range of over 100 yards, the basketball communicates with Glass via Bluetooth to display key metrics necessary to build better shooting skills – fast.

The 94Fifty Glassware instantly overlays shooting data into the field of view for the shooter or coach to help the user visualize the quality of each shot. The data makes it easier for the player to adjust mechanics, improve shooting range, develop a softer shot, or simply become a better free throw shooter. It can be used by the coach watching the player, or by the player practicing on his or her own.

The Glassware includes three key shooting analyses tools:

  •     Shot Arc Analyzer – Soften your shot for more consistency by learning to shoot with ideal arc.
  •     Shot Release Speed Timer – Increase scoring opportunities with more shot attempts by always shooting at game speed.
  •     Shot Backspin Analyzer – Improve accuracy by developing a strong wrist for better follow through and a shooters touch.

The powerful suite of sensors inside the regulation size and weight basketball, the most advanced of its kind in the world, measures skill precisely, and quickly utilizes that data to prescribe proven, personalized methods to improve mental coordination and skills that have been traditionally impossible to measure.

The 94Ffifty Smart Sensor Basketball has received industry recognition since its launch. Most recently, it has been named a 2014 Award Finalist by the internationally renowned Edison Awards™, as an International CES Innovations 2014 Design and Engineering Awards Honoree for the 94Fifty Smart Sensor Basketball in the Embedded Technologies; Gaming Hardware & Accessories; and Health & Fitness categories, as well as a finalist in the 2014 Bluetooth Breakthrough Awards.

Current 94Fifty apps are now available for Glass, iOS 7 and Android, and give athletes the ability to share their achievements with friends, family and coaches via social media.

The 94Fifty Smart Sensor Basketball and Glass are sold separately. Glassware for 94Fifty is now available at the following link: https://glass.google.com/glassware.

The 94Fifty Smart Sensor Basketball is available online at http://www.Dickssportinggoods.com, Apple retail stores nationwide, http://www.94fifty.com, Amazon, Eastbay.com, and Apple.com as well as other select retailers. The 94Fifty Smart Sensor Basketball sells for $249.95.

94Fifty Smart Sensor Basketball is the Official Smart Basketball of the National Association of Basketball Coaches and has been endorsed by the Amateur Athletic Union Basketball (AAU).

About InfoMotion® Sports Technologies
94Fifty® is the basketball brand of InfoMotion Sports Technologies Inc. (IST). InfoMotion is the world’s pioneering leader for innovating sports products that quantify and digitize muscle-memory based athletic skills and for managing online communities in which our customers can share and compare results. InfoMotion is committed to bringing new information to both elite level and youth level team sports so that players can better develop skills and their coaches and trainers have objective information about their development. More information can be found athttp://www.infomotionsports.com and http://www.94fifty.com.

About Google
Google is a global technology leader focused on improving the ways people connect with information. Google’s innovations in web search and advertising have made its website a top internet property and its brand one of the most recognized in the world.



2011 group gold silver coins 275w GoldSilver.org VP Applauds New OK Law Recognizing Gold and Silver as Currency“America’s Source for Pure Gold & Silver” vice president Ken Hansen says Oklahomans can now buy gold and silver coins without paying sales tax, thus leveling the playing field with stocks, bonds and cash accounts.

Fort Worth, TX (PRWEB) June 10, 2014

Oklahoma’s governor just signed a law that classifies gold and silver coins as currency, thus eliminating the sales tax on such items, according to a June 5th article published by Oklahoma’s News Channel 4.

GoldSilver.org has issued an investor alert to make residents of Oklahoma aware of the new law, and GoldSilver.org vice president Ken Hansen believes investors will take immediate advantage of the relaxed regulations.

“You don’t pay sales tax on stocks or other investments, and the government does not charge sales tax to put cash into the bank, and gold coins are investments as well as currency,” Hansen said. “Until now investors in the Sooner State were at a disadvantage if they bought gold and silver coins because they were taxed on the purchase, but Governor Fallin’s signing of this bill into law is proof that not all lawmakers lack common sense.”

Oklahoma’s new law changes the classification of gold and silver coins to currencies, but a provision in the law allows merchants to opt out from accepting gold and silver coins as payment for goods or services. “This law was not passed so you could go to the grocery store, the gas station or the realtor’s office with a bunch of gold or silver coins,” said Hansen. “Gold and silver coins are now considered legal tender in Oklahoma and the real advantage is that buyers of such items will no longer have to pay state sales tax.”

GoldSilver.org is a North American market leader for gold and silver investments for home delivery or within retirement accounts. They buy and sell all sorts of investment-grade gold, silver and platinum. For more information or a free gold and silver investment guide, visit http://www.goldsilver.org or call 1-800-394-3337 today.


Fibica, a popular online store of bike parts, is offering free shipping for bike parts and accessories across the world. Thanks to the online tracking system, the buyers can track the item any time.

Hong Kong (PRWEB) May 05, 2014

ferrari bicicleta hg 20100409 300x144 Fibica Offering Shimano Deore XT BR M785 Hydraulic Brake Silver At Heavily Discounted Price

Fibica is now rolling out Shimano Deore XT BR-M785 Hydraulic Brake Silver at an impressive discount of $140.

The offer would last till the availability of the item in the stock. With top-notch quality combined with discounted prices, customers have every reason to make a purchase with them.

“The product can be shipped worldwide, which means the product can be ordered for regardless of the location. We have also put in place Online Tracking System, which enables you to track the item anytime, so you can find where the item exactly is in the journey. If you choose the option EMS, we make sure the item reaches you in the quickest possible time,” commented a senior executive with the company.

The Shimano XT M-785 brakes delivered by Fibica have a slew of high tech features developed for XTR. The brakes facilitate efficient braking and control. The new compact-caliper with oversized 22mm ceramic pistons, make XT M-785 brakes the preferred choice of the bike owners. The item combines with a lightweight lever for braking which is lighter yet has 25% more braking power. The RT 81 rotors in the brakes reduce temperatures as much as 100% over standard all steel rotors.

Shimano BL-M785 is compatible with Ispec shifter mount with more efficient heat sink reducing fade. The executive commented, “The specs include Weight: BL-M785 > 266g/pr, BR-M785 > 242g/wheel, Ice Tech Centerlock rotors consisting of a stainless steel clad aluminium core, cooler fins, front and rear calipers and finned extensions that pull heat away from the caliper. Servo-Wave facilitates better modulation along with greater optimum power.”

Fibica deals in components like brake sets, forks, hubsets, stems, handlebards, seatposts, shifters, derailleurs, chains, bottom bracket, cranksets and cassettes. Whatever be the buyers’ requirements, they can place an order with them to buy Shimano disc brakes or other products. As a leading supplier of bike parts and accessories, they can be trusted for quantity as well as quality of products. Know more about Rock Shox Reba 29ER here.

About the Company

Fibica is a frontline supplier of bike parts and accessories. Whether one requires the components for mountain bikes or road bikes, online orders can be booked. Visit for Manitou forks from the company. A one-stop solution for finding bike components, they ensure delivery of bike parts at the earliest once the order is received. Get information about Sramx7 groupset and other products in their inventory.

Contact Information: For more information, visit http://www.fibica.com/.